Our non-commission based advisors provide objective guidance to selecting investments in stocks, bonds, ETFs and broader market indexes on a Fee-Only Basis. Investments are continually monitored, and assets rebalanced intraday, weekly, and quarterly based on predetermine criteria set forth in the clients' Investment Policy Statement and Investment Advisory Contract.  

Asset Allocation Matters

Asset Allocation and proper diversification should be an ongoing process, but instead rebalancing a portfolio is most often overlooked by long term investors, leading to erratic ups and downs in their portfolio's such that investors often stay in rising sectors too long, and then often sell at market bottoms. We monitor and rebalance between sectors and various indexes based on a defined diversification strategy.


Asset Allocation among classes and sectors with listed Equities |Indexes | ETFs | Funds


  • Mega & Large Caps 

  • Mid-Caps

  • Small-Caps

  • International Companies           

  • Alternative Investments                            

  • Fixed Income & Inflation Hedge Investments


ATIA creates investment plans using Modern Portfolio Theory, Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation, and supervised portfolio management. 

Our clients interests include:

  • Trading Strategies & Systems 

  • Growth, Value, and Fixed Income

  • New and Emerging sectors and trends

  • Treasuries, Corporate & Convertible Bonds

  • Long Term Certificates of Deposit (FDIC Insured)

  • Asset Allocation Consulting for Self-Directed Investment Plans

  • Large Block Stock & Option transactions for corporate executives

  • Mega-Cap, Large Cap, Mid-Cap & Small Cap Equities, Indexes, ETFs, Bonds

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