ATIA offers other financial advisors portfolio management and net worth building tools for their clients. From No Transaction Fee Funds to automated trading,  ATIA represents the true future of client-advisor relations where low fee's are imperative, and state of the art Financial Planning Tools are standard.  

ATIA Wealth Management Group offers Advisors a proprietary Dynamic Asset Allocation Portal to manage assets

ATIA constructs and rebalances advisor client portfolio's so they can spend more quality time with their clients


Investment Advisor Representative

  • Develop new client relationships

  • Participate in community events

  • Create new opportunities for growth

Life, Health/LTC Insurance Representative

  • Licensed Life & Health Insurance Producer/Principal

  • Experience with High Net Worth individuals and institutions

Building a future with ATIA Wealth Management Group

  • Excellent payout, low fees, ability to grow 

  • Detailed reporting and compliance oversight

  • Custodial services with globally known affiliates 

  • Relationships with major life insurance companies

  • Asset Allocation Tools and Financial Planning Software

  • Account Management Tools for Ultra High Net Worth Investors 



Retirement Transition & Practice Succession for Financial Advisors


We can assist financial consultants who are retiring themselves to structure an acquisition of their existing client base.  Appointment with the current custodian will be considered where AUM exceeds $10 MIL. 


Investment Advisors, Financial Planners, and Life Insurance representatives will find the tools required to grow and manage their client base with ATIA, as well as retire themselves.




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