Individual Investors

Asset Allocation Consulting for individual investors, company retirement plans, and participants of and institutional plans

Asset Allocation is a vital component of long-term portfolio performance. ATIA offers Asset Allocation Consulting to retirement plan providers and their participants. ATIA will review each clients' stock, bond, and other invested asset allocations, and make discretionary decisions based on the clients investment goals, life-insurance, trust, and estate planning needs. To learn more about how ATIA can help you create a personal Net-Worth Evaluation Plan, contact us or call an Investment Advisor today at 217.523.7700 US/CST.

Performance-Based Accounts for Ulta-High Net-Worth Investors

Available to qualified investors with invested assets of $10,000,000 or more, and a net worth of $20,000,000. Qualified investors may select our Performance-Based Fee Schedule versus the Standard Fee-Only Account based on net profits above a mutually agreed upon high water mark.  Please call for additional information.

Standard Fee-Only Accounts

For additional information please call: 217.523.7700.

ATIA provides "Robotic Advice" at

The emergence of Robotic Trading and Automated Portfolio Rebalancing has made investing more exciting than ever before.  With the guidance of Advanced Trader Investment Advisors (ATIA) to direct robotic trading systems, clients can invest in stealth mode using pre-determined investment criteria.

*Advanced Trader Investment Advisors, LLC. An Illinois Registered Investment Advisor. If and when ATIA refers a client to a custodian broker/dealer or a Third Party Money Manager, ATIA will only refer client(s) to custodian broker dealers or a Third Party Money Manager where clients reside, where the b/d or Third Party Money Manager is registered or on file, and a Member of FINRA, and SIPC.

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