Advisory Services for Charitable Funds, Endowment Plans, and Trusts

For both philanthropic reasons as well as tax planning purposes, individuals can transfer cash and/or securities to an approved charity with American Endowment Foundation. We assist clients to establish and monitor their charitable donations, related activity, and disbursements through the Donor Advised Fund.  Whether for tax planning purposes or philanthropic reasons, a key benefit to establishing your own Charitable Fund is the control & oversight of activity related to your donations, how those funds are invested, and disbursed over time. 


Guidelines for establishing a Charitable Fund

  • Client and an ATIA advisor determine the Goals & Objectives of the Donor Advised Fund

  • Advisor & client prepare an AEF Donor Advised Fund Application

  • AEF and an ATIA advisor prepare the application for the non-profit corp

  • Advisor assists Client to transfer cash or securities to the Charitable Fund

  • American Endowment Foundation provides Client with all Tax Receipts for IRS filings

  • ATIA manages the assets held with AEF per a written Investment Policy Statement

  • AEF contacts the Advisor to arrange Grant distribution(s) through DonorCentral

  • The AEF provides Quarterly Statements & Activity Detail

  • All deposits are made payable to: American Endowment Foundation FBO Your Charitable Fund

  • Donor Advised & Charitable Funds can begin and end at a pre-determined date

  • Contributions create immediate Federal Tax Benefits for the donor  


Other Services we provide include:

  • Stock Repurchase Plan Services

  • 144 Restricted Stock Legend removal

  • 401k, 403b, and 457 Retirement Plans 

  • Simple IRA, ROTH IRA, IRA Rollover Accounts

  • Cashless Stock Option Exercises and Hedging Strategies

  • Institutional Money Market and Working Capital Accounts

  • Endowment Plans, Donor Funds, Charitable Giving Accounts

  • Trust Accounts with beneficiary designations, and Transfer on Death Instructions

  • ERISA Section 3(21) Co-Fiduciary, and ERISA 3(38) Investment Manager Fiduciary


ATIA Wealth Management Group/Advanced Trader Investment Advisors, LLC.  If and when ATIA refers a client to a custodian broker/dealer or a Third Party Money Manager, ATIA will only refer client(s) to custodian broker dealers or a Third Party Money Manager where clients reside, where the B/D or Third Party Money Manager is registered or on file, and a Member of FINRA, and SIPC.

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