Advisory Services for Qualified Investors, Institutions, and Endowment Plans


        Funding an Account with ATIA Wealth Management Group:


*All checks, ACHs, and wire transfers to fund an account are made payable to the Custodian of record, For the Benefit of the Clients' Name or Organization, for further credit to clients' designated account. Funds are never made payable to Advanced Trader Investment Advisors, LLC.  


Primary Custodians

Pershing LLC (A Subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon)

InterActive Brokers, LLC.


Advisory client(s) must first receive, complete, and return items listed below: 

  1.  Privacy Policy Statement

  2.  ADV FORM Part 2A

  3.  ADV FORM Part 2B

  4.  Investment Advisory Contract

  5.  Financial Planning Agreement (Optional)

  6.  New Account Application Forms


To speak with an ATIA Investment Advisor Representative call 217.523.7700 US/CST.


Certfied & Regular Way Mail: 

ATIA Wealth Management Group

Advanced Trader Investment Advisors, LLC.

411 E. Monroe St 

PO Box 5307                                        

Springfield, IL.  62705

*Advanced Trader Investment Advisors, LLC.  If and when ATIA refers a client to a custodian broker/dealer or a Third Party Money Manager, ATIA will only refer client(s) to custodian broker dealers or a Third Party Money Manager where clients reside, where the b/d or Third Party Money Manager is registered or on file, and a Member of FINRA, and SIPC.

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